I have been meaning to get in touch with you to express my sincere gratitude for including me and my daughter in your kick off classes for the Fast Defense course.

I have to say that when you first approached me, it was something I hadn’t thought much about or given much consideration. Being in real estate, you and I both know how we put ourselves in potentially dangerous situations all the time, mostly without thinking about consequence. So I decided to give it a shot.

I never imagined this course could take me on such a personal journey through all the anxieties and fears of confrontation I had bottled up inside me for so long, all the while feeling the complete support of the other participants as though we’d been a team forever. The excitement and anxiety I felt before and during the course was anticipated, but I am most shocked at the extreme emotion that I experienced immediately after the course was finished. As we all sat and expressed how we were feeling at the end of the day, my emotions took control and I had a hard time sharing my thoughts. The emotion was not sadness or fear, it was a release of pure joy and a feeling of self confidence that I was now experiencing about myself but more so about how this course transformed my thirteen year old daughter.

Girls and boys in middle and high school have a difficult road to travel and they are faced with so many obstacles that can almost paralyze them emotionally. The bullying, the aggressiveness of some classmates and lack of parental involvement in a lot of kids lives these days leads to a host of issues that most kids and families aren’t prepared to deal with. Although hard to watch at times, seeing my daughter perform in front of an entire room of strangers and show that she can stand up and be heard, to watch her come out of her shell to a place of inner confidence is absolutely mind blowing. Rachel actually told me hours later that all the anger and anxiety she had inside with regards to being bullied in the past seemed to disappear after she went through this course. A heavy weight has been lifted off her shoulders as she now has been taught tools and strategies that will help her control or even change the course of her own future. Those three short hours changed our lives forever and I am eternally grateful for the chance to experience this program first hand.

Every person, man or woman, old or young, should take this course… It is nothing like you expect and everything that you hope!

Christine T.

OneAware and FAST
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