Hello David,

Thank you so very much for your effort in bringing us all together yesterday for the F.A.S.T session. ~ Our daughter Lisalee was very very impressed with all that we learned and saw together, and she told me that when she is totally healed and doing better with her hip, that she would really really like to look into the program further. She had an 8 hour total hip 'resurfacing' of her right hip on June 30th. So she's come a long way. Her hip was such bad condition that her chiropractor measured her right leg was positioned 1 1/2 inches lower than the other, just before the surgery.

Lisalee has had a disturbing situation with her 16 yr old son, who is verbally abusive to her and who is showing no respect to her.   ~  Lisalee told me that she had read the book which Bill had spoken of, about 5 or 6 years ago.  I believe he mentioned the book "The Gift of Fear"... She thought that was the book she had read.  So she's been on this journey for some time.  She often tells me that "I'm" 'coming from' fear...in lots of situations that I speak of, and so although yesterday's gathering had to do with that, it was in a totally different way, but still amazing.  I thoroughly felt that it is a very worthy program for our group to discuss, and hope that somehow we can discuss it further for our Realtors.

When you speak with Bill again, ...please let him know that we are very grateful.

OneAware and FAST
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