As a former Naval Pilot and a retired Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I have had the opportunity to have over 35 years of experience having received personal Defensive Tactics Training.  Much of this training was of a fairly complex nature and required days to master as well as continuous re-current training to maintain proficiency. While offering many of the same benefits, the FAST Defense Empowerment Course offered by Dave Hall's FAST Combative is much better suited for the average individual.

FAST Defense training is presented in a manner that is easily understood and immediately of use to the student. This training has no complex moves which would be difficult to exercise under stress, but simple, effective steps to defeat an attacker.  Steps that draw upon one's inner being, utilizing an indivialual's natural yet seldom recognize powers to convert fear and panic into strength and empowerment.

The instructors for this course unitize teaching methods that are fun, yet extremely informative.  They draw the student into the training on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. They teach how to utilize one's natural adrenaline rush into a tool for defense.  No less important, one is taught to recognize one's internal warning signs of impending danger and how to take appropriate action.

Students of this FAST training will be able to develop a sense of becoming "street wise", and learn how to avoid most situations that could place them in "harm's way".  Additionally, if one unexpectedly finds themselves in a treating situation, techniques are learned that can de-escalate most attacks before they become physically violent.

This training will greatly reduce the possibility of one becoming a target of a predator, but if targeted, will prevent one from becoming a victim.

OneAware and FAST
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