I hope you take a minute to read some of the thoughts shared by our newest members. The following testimonials are a snapshot of the power and success that was experienced by many if not by all. By reading these testimonials you will quickly see that this program is WAY beyond just personal protection. The students own words will help you to understand how this program cuts to the core of people's soul and Inner Spirit. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, "Amazing" "Transforming","Empowering", "Greater Inner Strength", "Greater Confidence" "Greater Inner Peace". This program is not intended to replace any existing programs, but rather to serve as an adjunct and supplement to those programs that are already in place, whether it be in fitness clubs, Martial Arts studios, local schools or businesses. It is a totally different experience that is incredibly moving on so many different levels.

~David Hall

Self Protection Program A Real Hit

I attended the One Aware self protection program yesterday with several of the Brin Realty agents at Hampshire Hills in Milford that was presented by our own Dave Hall and Bob Swartz, who has prior law enforcement experience, and holds two second degree black belts in two forms of martial arts.

Wow, what a great program. They taught us simple tools that most anyone can use if you get in a tough situation with a bad guy. I was a little unsure about what this would involve, would I need to be agile, quick and in great shape. NOPE, they taught us easy steps we can take in the event we are approached or attacked by someone. Dave and Bob were just great at helping each of us get comfortable and bring out the tough “inner self” that lies in each of us.

Imagine a bad guy approaches you in the mall parking lot and you have your son, daughter, grandson, mom, whatever....They taught us how to harness the power of that inner MAMA or PAPA BEAR... Its so simple once you know. I left with confidence that I can hold my ground and quite probably send the bad guy running for cover. I highly recommend the class. Its fun, the time flies by as you run through the drills and also support your new friends in the class....truly a great way to learn a life saving protection skill.

Whether you are a real estate agent, a fireman, a stay at home mom, a doctor, lawyer or indian chief, this is a must take program in my book.

Rene B.

This program was very useful and did not require any special skills - any adult can participate and benefit! The program was conducted in an environment of concern and compassion and left me with a confidence and sense of accomplishment. It was well structured and the instructors did an amazing job!

Before taking the class I didn’t have the slightest idea about what I should do if I was ever attacked…and that is very scary!

After taking the class I am confident I can get away from an attacker and at least will know what to do. I taught my friends and family everything I learned and they have promised me they will take the next class. This is very valuable information that can save your life one day. I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone!!


I have been meaning to get in touch with you to express my sincere gratitude for including me and my daughter in your kick off classes for the Fast Defense course.

I have to say that when you first approached me, it was something I hadn’t thought much about or given much consideration. Being in real estate, you and I both know how we put ourselves in potentially dangerous situations all the time, mostly without thinking about consequence. So I decided to give it a shot.

The FAST program was the best personal defense program I have ever taken! Bill, Mike and David did an amazing job communicating difficult concepts in self protection and empowerment.

Hi David;

I haven't stopped talking about this course to my family, friends, and co-workers.  I absolutely think this program is awesome and a definite value and need for every person, young and old, to experience the awesome strength within you gain from taking the course.

As for the founder, Bill, he was incredible, his tone, manner, his projected inner light.  The instructor, Mike, was wonderful, his eyes totally showed the deep belief and love for this program. And you David have it all, you project everything they do and you are the reason I went.  You are a big, softy.  You wear your heart on your shoulder, there for all to see.  I love that about you.  Most of all I trust you.

I want to help some how.  My experiences in life, who I am, and how I feel about this class, your dream; I feel I could be of value; perhaps a part of your team..

I feel the two are one.  Especially when it comes to abuse people, especially the raped victims; I can help them be stronger having been one as they and you can help them be stronger in ways to handle the situation so it can never happen again.  I don't know how.... I just feel your dream maybe mine.  May be I can help and do the part of the mentor, I really don't think the suit would suit me.   I need to explore the possibilities.

But I do know that every child, every adult should at least take this course.  It will make them stronger on so many levels!  This program needs to be taught in schools.   I feel it should be part of the Realtors Convention..a class ...next year!  There is a program dedicated to raped victims in New Hampshire, maybe that is where to take this.

A lot is going through my head because of a quite Sunday afternoon, I gave to myself, taking your course.

Thank you so much for making it so easy for me to participate and THANK YOU FOR MY NEW INNER STENGTH!  I haven't stopped smiling with confidence.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Fast class with you, Mike and Bill. I am amazed at the inner strength that I have in me that came forth during that class.

Hello David,

Thank you so very much for your effort in bringing us all together yesterday for the F.A.S.T session. ~ Our daughter Lisalee was very very impressed with all that we learned and saw together, and she told me that when she is totally healed and doing better with her hip, that she would really really like to look into the program further. She had an 8 hour total hip 'resurfacing' of her right hip on June 30th. So she's come a long way. Her hip was such bad condition that her chiropractor measured her right leg was positioned 1 1/2 inches lower than the other, just before the surgery.

As a former Naval Pilot and a retired Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I have had the opportunity to have over 35 years of experience having received personal Defensive Tactics Training.  Much of this training was of a fairly complex nature and required days to master as well as continuous re-current training to maintain proficiency. While offering many of the same benefits, the FAST Defense Empowerment Course offered by Dave Hall's FAST Combative is much better suited for the average individual.

OneAware and FAST
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