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Unfortunately, our children are exposed to an increase in peer pressure and the threat of individuals looking to harm children. This class provides effective and valuable real life skills that empower children to be more confident and greatly reduce the risk of threatening situations escalating to physical violence.

FAST C.A.T.S. uses progression teaching methods to teach valuable life skills for addressing bullying and stranger danger. Our program is designed to increase the student's confidence by carefully increasing challenges that the student can overcome. This program culminates in a scenario based exercise where the students are allowed to apply the techniques they have learned, and defend themselves from a would-be stranger.

Everyday our kids are in HOT ZONES where inappropriate and often violent behavior occurs. This course teaches children how to deal with the various difficult situations that kids have to deal with.In a fun and lively environment, this program addresses the following:

Dealing With Bullies:

  • Playground altercations
  • How to handle name calling and teasing
  • Protecting personal "space" and possessions
  • Setting boundaries against inappropriate touch or attention
  • Assessing appropriate defense and how NOT to start a fight


Stranger Danger:

  • Getting lost (safety checklist/knowing name, address, phone # etc...)
  • Home safety skills
  • Abduction awareness - basic skills to detect and avoid abduction
  • How to physically break away and escape the grasp of a would be abductor
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