confrontation 001A 3 ½ Hour FAST Basics, Personal Protection/Empowerment Program Intended for Anyone Ages 12 & Up.

Class Objectives: To provide comprehensive defensive strategies (awareness, verbal, and physical skills), against the most common types of assaults. Students will recondition the common freeze response to Taking Action amidst the adrenal flooding, and to focus the adrenaline combined with physical techniques in "Full Force" scenarios against the padded assailant. 

In this class tudents learn the following techniques:

  • Awareness skills that allow you to detect a potential threat before it occurs!
  • How to avoid being picked out as an easy victim. (Interviews with convicted felons show that attackers search for specific body language in their victims. Learn how to carry yourself so that assailants will not single you out!)
  • How to avoid common mistakes:
  • AGGRESSIVE behavior (how not to pick fights!
  • PASSIVE behavior (How not to be picked on by others)
  • How to act ASSERTIVELY, to ask for what you want in a straightforward manner!
  • How to avoid Assault, Rape, and other violent encounters
  • How to transform your fear into a source of power and strength
  • Find The Power Of Your Voice! - F.B.I. statistics say that 70 - 80% of assaults can be stopped by good verbal boundaries alone.

And: What to do in a worse case scenario should you find yourself physically attacked. You will learn simple and effective strikes to vulnerable areas on the attacker's body and practice them live while in the Adrenal Fear.

OneAware and FAST
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