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Taught by Self Empowerment Expert, Bill Kipp, of Colorado
FAST Instructor, Dave Hall of NH

FAST stands for Fear, Adrenaline, Stress, Training

The number one factor in whether someone can react well in a stressful encounter is whether they can deal with the fear and adrenaline rush that naturally arises as an instinctual survival response. The problem with conventional teaching methods is that it does not address this phenomenon. Hence, very few people (regardless of age) ever learn concrete methods on how to handle this adrenal/fear response. Without proper training most people respond in a knee jerk fashion that can often make the situation worse.

confrontation 001A 3 ½ Hour FAST Basics, Personal Protection/Empowerment Program Intended for Anyone Ages 12 & Up.

Class Objectives: To provide comprehensive defensive strategies (awareness, verbal, and physical skills), against the most common types of assaults. Students will recondition the common freeze response to Taking Action amidst the adrenal flooding, and to focus the adrenaline combined with physical techniques in "Full Force" scenarios against the padded assailant. 

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Unfortunately, our children are exposed to an increase in peer pressure and the threat of individuals looking to harm children. This class provides effective and valuable real life skills that empower children to be more confident and greatly reduce the risk of threatening situations escalating to physical violence.

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