StalkerThe #1 factor in effective self -defense is dealing with the fear and adrenaline rush that naturally arises in a stressful situation. Studies of people in the high adrenal state show that the normal internal reactions to stress inhibit our ability to think rationally or to exercise complicated motor skills. The F.A.S.T. Defense methodology is therefore based on a step-by-step progression of easily learned and simply applied techniques in increasingly more intense scenarios. This progression allows for a wide variety of emotional and physical skills among a group of students.

Many a good martial artists has fallen prey to a determined street fighter with only a few techniques and a whole lot of "attitude". The outcome of a street fight is usually determined more by the spirit of the individual than by the number of different techniques one knows. That is why we only focus our attention towards those few, but highly effective, gross motor physical techniques that can be effectively recalled and used. This approach is carried consistently through the entire F.A.S.T Defense program, regardless whether we are teaching members of the Military, Martial Arts Community, Law Enforcement, or Civilians.

The techniques are taught first in slow motion rhythmic patterns while the student says the technique aloud. Each time the pattern is repeated the level of intensity is increased. It is then up to the instructor to determine how much intensity is given to an individual student in each scenario to customize the experience for maximum effect. Too little and the student will not be challenged, too much will overload them and defeat the successful experience.

In summary, the F.A.S.T Defense teaching methodology is based on the following precepts:

  • A limited number of highly effective techniques are taught.
  • The techniques are taught in easily learned and progressively intensive scenarios.
  • Due to the progressive approach to teaching simple techniques in simulated scenarios where the students are placed in an adrenaline state, the knowledge gained is stored in the body as "mental and muscle memory". The students will be able to recall the techniques in the future when faced with a highly adrenalized situation.
  • The program is geared to individual of all abilities and offers options seldom taught in other personal protection and empowerment programs.
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